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The warranty start from the delivery date

All the TWINJET printers carry a 12 months warranty from the original date of delivery from the factory. (Consumable materials and spare parts are not included). The specific scope of warranty is described in Spare Parts Warranty List



1. Troubles occurred during normal operations of the printer is covered under warranty.

2. Please keep the Invoice or receipt issued by TWINJET, which is required as a basis for warranty service. The warranty period is subject to TWINJET factory record.

3. The maintenance parts continue to be entitled to the warranty during the warranty period; If the maintenancedate is no more than 3 months, the repaired parts remain entitled of 3 months warranty

4. If the accessories (such as catalogue, manual,CD) is damaged or lost , we don’t guarantee to provide again.

5. We shall not be liable for the indirect loss of customer that cannot be quantified caused by the malfunction of TWINJET printer.

6. Customer shall be responsible for the double-way transportation of the repaired spare parts.

7. Please contact our technical support department regarding any technical problem with TWINJET printer.



1. Components classified as consumable items, or components required to be replaced in the course of routine maintenance, as defined in the user manual, are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. Life expectancy of consumable and routine maintenance items is based on normal printing; defined as 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.

b. Printing conditions greater than normal will require consumable and maintenance items to be replaced at a more frequent or accelerated schedule.

2. Damage caused by neglect or improper user level maintenance as defined in the user guide or supplemental information shipped with your printer. The following procedures are required user maintenance: a. Inspect and clean the print head, wiper, cap seal, and surrounding areas daily . b. Inspect and replace flushing pad as required. c. Inspect and clean pressure rollers .d. Dispose of waste ink as needed .e. Ensure nozzles are clear through routine cleanings and nozzle checks

3. Damage and/or problems arising from environmental location and operation of the printer. Refer to installation guide for proper environmental locations and requirements

4. Supplies necessary to operate, troubleshoot and test the printer, including wipes, cleaning fluid, inks, media, etc.

5. Damage caused through use of non-TWINJET approved inks and ink delivery systems other than the system designed and built into the TWINJET printer.

6. Damage caused through use of third party parts, components and/or interfaces

7. Damage from service performed by non-TWINJET authorized personnel

8. Damage caused by shipping, abuse, misuse, improper installation, improper maintenance, neglect, facility power and/or electrical system

9. RIP, network and connectivity issues, color management, application issues



In no event shall either party be responsible for any delay or failure to perform under this Agreement where such performance is prevented, restricted or interfered with by reason of natural disaster, fire or other casualty or accident, strikes or labor disputes, war or other violence, any law, order, proclamation, regulations, ordinance, demand or requirement of any government agency, or any other act or condition beyond such party’s reasonable control (including, without limitations, any mechanical, electronic or communications failure) which prevents such party from transmitting or receiving any documents or payments.


We suggest customer buy insurance against the loss due to the accident in the transportation under the term FOB Shanghai. If there is any problem with transportation, please contact forwarders and insurance company.